What Tablets will the Tablet Claw fit?

The Tablet Claw securely fits the follwing 10.1 and 7 inch tablets:

10.1inch iPad 2, 3, 4

ASUS EE Transformer TFseries

Toshiba Excite 10

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, 3, 4 - 10.1 and 7 inch, Galaxy Note 10.1 inch

Kindle Fire HD, HDX - 7 inch

The Tablet Claw has two cutouts on the grips to allow for access to the power and volume control ports. The Tablet Claw will securely fit all tablets measuring from largest to smallest: 193 mm wide to 172 mm wide. The thickest tablet it will fit is 12 mm.

091.jpg tablet-claw-samsung-galaxy.jpg tablet-claw-on-asus.jpgsmaller-on-hand.jpg
How Do I Attach the Tablet Claw to My Tablet?

1. To Attach (Apply) The Tablet Claw to Your Tablet, Simply Align the Edges of the Tablet Inside the Grips

2. Pull Outwards on Grips Slightly away from the Tablet While Sliding the Grip to the Center of the Tablet

TIP: Volume Controls and Plug Ports Should Be On the Same Side as The Kickstand Hinge


3. Position Tablet Claw Directly in the Center of Tablet for Best Use

align-tablet-claw-to-tablet.jpg position-tablet-claw-to-center.jpg perfect-position-to-center.jpg
How Do I Open The Finger Ringlet?

Open the ringlet like you are opening a coke can. Place your index finger in the open space next to the ringlet lock and pull back to open. 

How Do I Replace The Thick Grips with Thin Grips for my Kindle Fire HD and the New iPad?

1. Use pliers to remove the thick rubber grips from all three locks on one side. On each rubber insert there are three grooves that slide into three cutouts on the Tablet Claw grips to keep grip in place.
2. Completely free the locks from one side, then use the pliers to pull the entire grip from the opposite side.
3. Once thick grips are removed, to insert the thin grips, align the three locks of the thin grips in place on the side of Tablet Claw grip housing and push all three locks into the grooves. You can fold the thin grips under to provide for an easier insertion
4. Use Pliers to Pull the grip completely through the housing on the opposite end and align all three locks within grooves on the other side.
5. Repeat for both sides

use-pliers-to-pull-grip-out-of-housing-for-all-locks.jpg three-locks-on-each-side-that-rubber-grooves-fit-in.jpg use-pliers-to-remove-grip-entirely-from-housing-on-both-side.jpg completely-remove-rubber-insert.jpg align-thin-grips-within-locks-and-push-into-place.jpg pull-grip-completely-free-from-one-side.jpg use-pliers-to-pull-through-and-place-within-locks-on-opposite-end.jpg
What color(s) does the Tablet Claw come in?

Our initial product run will be released in Matte Black finish. We are considering other colors in subsequent runs and will keep you posted with those updates.

Will the Tablet Claw fit over a protective case?

With the Tablet Claw you no longer need a protective case. The Tablet Claw is a proactive approach to protection and prevents you from dropping or damaging your tablet. The Tablet Claw is all you will need to keep your tablet safe!

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