“I have found the Tablet Claw to be invaluable with patient consultations. Fumbling and almost dropping my iPad became a thing of the past when using the Tablet Claw. Thanks for the great product!e-Stephen Rath, MD, DABA, Owner/Medical Director, Fusion Medical Spa

“I tried everything I could to make it budge or move and it wouldn’t, it just works perfectly, I want to say you made the perfect marketing accessory for the iPad.”- Lenny G., Clematis St. Marketing

“The Tablet Claw keeps you from having to hold the device precariously by the edges. It’s great for showcasing our app to an audience.” - Lance M., Creator of Starship Troopers; Invasion

“Our Field Market Managers loved them! It’s much easier for the staff to engage with people and we weren’t worried about people dropping the tablets. You guys have developed a great product for event marketing.” - Jennifer W., The Marketing Arm Experiential

“As a college professor I find this product is invaluable for teaching in the classroom. It allows me the freedom to teach and discuss with the students without having to walk back to the podium and look at my notes on my iPad. The Tablet claw allows me to have everything in the palm of my hand. Every teacher needs to have one of these.” - Dr. Scott B., University of North Texas

“If I dropped my iPad, I’d have a heart attack. The Tablet Claw saves the sleek and slippery iPad from its imminent death.” - Aubre, Tom’s Guide

“The Tablet Claw is a G.I. Joe Kung Fu one-hand grip for the iPad” - Geekologie

My Tablet Claw gives me all the confidence I need when I give my speeches and provides the security I have come to depend to hold my iPad close.” - Chris – Accomplished ToastMaster

“I use the Tablet Claw to ensure I don’t drop it when reading and sharing information. The Tablet Claw allows me to prop up my tablet for easy viewing. Wonderful product.” - Christian

“Our software is easy to use, but presenting at a trade show from a tablet is difficult. The Tablet Claw gives us the ability to share our solutions more dynamically with from our tablets.” - Mike

“I was able to test drive the Tablet Claw and loved it! So much more efficient and lighter than others on the market. It’s sexy and user friendly design rocks!” - Becky,TX

“I can confidently grip my tablet now with the ergonomic grip of the Tablet Claw.” - Zach

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