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Tablet Claw

14.00 Ounces
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Product Description

The Tablet Claw is the world’s only multi-function tablet grip made for multiple tablet PCs.  Simply slip your fingers into the ring and never drop your tablet again!  

So, you bought a tablet, but you don’t want to take it anywhere because you’re scared you’ll drop it.  Put those fears aside and attach the Tablet Claw so you can take your tablet anywhere.  Slip your fingers into the Tablet Claw’s 360-degree rotating ring and feel confident using your tablet anywhere.

Getting some work done at the coffee shop?  Watching a movie on the plane?  No problem, just slide out the Tablet Claw’s kickstand and you’re good to go.  No matter what you’re doing and where you’re going, the Tablet Claw has it all.

The Tablet Claw is lightweight, strong, and multifunctional. The patented ringlet and disc allow for a comfortable fit to your hand and multiple viewing functions by simply rotating the tablet.  In addition to the secure grips, there are two functioning kickstands for keyboard angles and viewing angles, making the Tablet Claw the only grip that meets all of your needs.